Monday, January 9, 2012

New and interesting things!

 We have started a new venture! Steampunk weapons! Though it is in its first stages, I think we are doing pretty well for just winging it. I (Nicole) am going to take point on making them, with some additions by Penny. They are a lot of fun to make, you just need a ton of air flow in the room, or you get a head ache from the paint. I am really excited about this new adventure, and hope that our shoppers love them as much as I do. Here are a couple previews of our new weapons!
Hopefully we can sell these at the convention we are going to (SheVAcon) which is a sci-fi, horror, and fantasy convention!

Also keep your eyes open over the next couple weeks, we will be adding some Valentine's day gifts to our Etsy shop!

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