Sunday, November 20, 2011

First craft show, Black Friday sales, and life

So we had our first craft show this past weekend in Powhatan. We didnt sell much, but we learned a lot about how to set up booths! We also passed out a ton of business cards so that people could order off our website, apparently not taking credit cards is bad. (Its a craft show I thought people would know cash) So anyway we ordered a "Square" which will make it possible for us to accept credit cards by swiping them directly into our Iphones. Pretty darn nifty if you ask me.

Here is info on the Square:

This week kicks off our first Holiday sale. We have A TON of sales, and an entire section of 21 items listed on sale. Some items are up to half off their original price So come check check it out.

So I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and have not to crazy a time over the next couple weeks in prep for the Holidays. I know I am going crazy right now with everything. I am moving to a bigger house on the 30th of this month, then another craft show on the 3rd of December. So I am kinda crazy chicken right now. But hey I can handle presssure (not).
So what are ya'lls holiday plans?

Smooches to all,


  1. Hey, that's a great photo :) Glad the fair went okay and even better you will be able to accept card payments next time! You are so lucky to have your family working with you. I woud love to have a stall at a fair but I am so nervous about it! Will have to conquer the fear next year I think :D

    Good luck with the move and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Its actually a ton of fun working with my mom and sister. We all make items to sell at the craft shows, and on the etsy shop. It was my moms idea to start up, and I have been crafting for my home for years. So we were like hey why not? Its kinda funny because the things we do are sooo different from each other. Its like a smorgasbord of arts and crafts.
    You really should do fairs and stuff. They can be a lot of fun even if you dont sell much. Networking with other people and handing out business cards is a great way to bring in business!